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Have you ever thought of taking an online course? Are there things in your life that you would like to change? (more money, time, starting your own business, propel your existing business, being able to do what you really want?) Online courses can be a great way to jumpstart changes in your life that make a real difference. Going “back to school” or attending college for the first time can be overwhelming, but taking an online course is a simple step. Plus, there are tons of benefits!

Over the years, I have taken different types of online courses that have helped me a lot – giving me such important structured information, result-oriented tools, and motivation to help propel me faster to where I am today (ranging from several hundreds to several thousands of dollars – and I’m so glad I did!!!). Education is the best investment (and decision) you can make for yourself. This gives you and your business an edge, providing an advantage in the competitive marketplace.

Online learning is more available than ever. You can now get a step-by-step guide from people who have been where you want to go. This is exactly what we offer at FC Success Academy: The Online Business Training Bootcampfor today’s entrepreneurs.

Ever wonder why people choose to take Online Training Programs? Here are 5 Reasons Why YOU Should ABSOLUTELY Take an Online Course!


Why start from scratch when you can get the recipe for success?

With a good online course, you can get the best information direct from the source. Real people who have “been there and done that” and have overcome obstacles to get to where they want to be. You can get Real World Skills that cater directly to your interests. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the things that I have learned that have truly changed my life and business. It’s amazing!

Plus, when you take a course (or seminar) you can feel confident that the instructors have already done the “dirty work” for you — maximizing your value and your time. You can develop just the right skills that you can use every day. You can get targeted information that is crucial to help you do what you really want to do. This is the beauty of great online courses — a recipe for success by the master chefs!


Why didn’t I do this before?

A huge advantage of online courses is that they are so convenient! Most of them are set up so you can do them on your own time, any time. If you have a day job, no worries! If you have a night job, no worries either! The convenience of being able to just pop online when you can is a big advantage over having to manipulate a busy schedule around going to a certain place at a certain time every week. With phones (and tablets) you can do it just about anywhere with the accessibility of Wi-Fi these days. Simple!

One big convenience I love (the best of all) in great online courses like our program, is that they put together the right information for you, all in one place, and in the right sequence. You don’t have to research the ‘whole’ Internet to look for YouTube tutorials and videos with a bunch of incomplete information, from different people with conflicting opinions and somewhat questionable credibility. Besides, raw and random information is not enough to get you the necessary results. You need a step-by-step guide that puts all information in the right order for you. Major advantage!


Online courses make your wallet happy.

Education can be very expensive (just think about a 4 year-college tuition or an MBA). But it doesn’t have to be! Great online courses can give you a lot of value for a (truly) reasonable price. The tens of thousands upon thousands of dollars that you can spend on traditional education can be (really) difficult to handle.  With a good online course, you get the information you want and need and don’t have to go into huge debt to do it.

Certainly, traditional education has its place, but the way people are getting information in the technology age is changing fast. The cost-effectiveness of these types of courses is why they are so popular. Don’t you want your wallet to be happier? Getting that big bang for your buck will save you cash that can be used to grow your business, further your career, or to use for anything else you might want or need. Some online training programs, like the one at FC Success Academy, tend to be less ‘theory’ based and more ‘actionable-practical-learning’ based. You can apply all you learn directly to the business, service, offer, or product you are developing or already have in place.


Are you always chasing the clock?

It’s a BUSY life! Is it hard for you to catch up with the clock? I thrive on being busy and stay organized to keep up with everything. It can be a challenge, though, to take that next step in your education because you just don’t feel you have the time. That is ANOTHER beauty of online courses —they save you a LOT of time! If you take a class in a classroom, you have to (1) get ready (2) drive or take other transportation to get there (3) potentially deal with snow or rain, a lot of traffic, and find a parking spot (4) sit in the classroom (5) drive or take other transportation to get home.

That takes a lot of time! With an online class, you (1) can take it in your pajamas if you want to (2) don’t have to leave your home (3) don’t have to deal with traffic, parking, unpredictable weather, and going back and forth. All of this saves a tremendous amount of time. Isn’t that great? This reason alone is good enough on its own, isn’t it? Plus, you save endless time searching the web for random info. Your time is very valuable. Why make your life even busier (and possibly more stressful) when you don’t have to?


A common purpose unites and propels us all.

We are stronger together! The Internet, even with its flaws, can bring people together from all over the world. Technology allows us to connect in really positive ways with online courses. Guided by an expert/teacher/motivator-in-chief, students can support each other during the course as they move together toward similar goals. Often, great online courses will have their own Facebook pages or groups, Twitter accounts, and more to allow people to talk to each other anytime, anywhere. For instance, our online business training boot-camp also offers a Q&A lab every week to make sure students have their questions answered and all the necessary support to move forward. A true global village!

This interactive aspect of online courses can not only provide additional support while it is going on, but builds relationships that can last a lifetime! The power of NETWORKING can’t be underrated. (I’ve met some really amazing people that way). You never know who you will meet along the way that may help you with your business, career, or even become a true friend. <

SUCCESS doesn’t just happen, it’s PLANNED.

Looking for an AMAZING online Business Training?

Whether you’re launching a brand-new business, taking your existing company to new heights or have a long-time dream and simply don’t know how and where to start… you should definitely consider enrolling in FC Success Academy. A 6-week online interactive, video-based training program that shows you, step-by-step, how to build your own profitable brand (business, product, service, event or project), get massive sales, and leverage the power of the Internet and social media to become unstoppable!

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Hope you found this article useful. Let me know what you’re struggling with when it comes to launching your own business, product or service and please share if you have other useful tips for new entrepreneurs.

Award-winning actress, filmmaker, speaker and business owner, Fabienne Colas is the ‘Queen of Festivals’ and founder of a successful entertainment & media empire – which includes 7 successful festivals in Canada, the USA and Haiti; a production company and several other ventures. CEO/Founder of Zaza Production, Fabienne helps people unlock their greatness, launch their products and services, reposition their brand and bring their business to the next level.