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Award-winning actress, filmmaker, speaker, business owner and consultant

Fabienne Colas is the ‘Queen of Festivals’ who created and manages 7 successful festivals between Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, New York City and Port-au-Prince. Her primary mission is to help others unlock their greatness and bring their business to the next level through coaching, seminars, workshops, online courses and videos tutorials.

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My Blog

Through this blog, I’ll share how I used my passion to create a successful business (trust me, you can do that too). I hope to be able to bring you useful tips and “how to’s” on so much that can help you move forward in the creation of your product or service or, in the advancement of your existing business. Topics vary from Success tips to Productivity, to Marketing, Sales, Social media, Branding, Strategies, Production, Launch and more. Let’s get started!

Introducing the

Fabienne Colas TV

I have learned and I’m still learning from the very best. I want to share all that knowledge with you. For me, life is a festival! You can make it as fun, crazy and meaningful as you want. But for that, you might need a roadmap to get faster to success! It’s so not necessary to reinvent the wheel. I’ll share with you steps and tips on how to get in the game and play to win in your business, your projects and your everyday life.


The Fabienne Colas Foundation

Réal Barnabé, Emile Castonguay and I decided to create the Fabienne Colas Foundation, in order to give a voice and a platform to artists who otherwise, would not have been seen or heard. Since then, the FCF has showcased about 2,000 artists, and every year tens of thousands of people take part in its festivals and initiatives. With your help, the FCF wants to continue to build bridges through the arts!