The Fabienne Colas Foundation (FCF) is a non-profit cultural organization, created in 2006 whose mission is to advance education in the arts as well as to support the creation, production, promotion and dissemination of cinema, the arts and culture in Canada, the United States, Haiti and elsewhere. The FCF is a forum for discussing the major artistic, cultural, social and socio-economic issues currently facing us, through movie discussions, round-tables, conferences, master classes and so on. The Foundation awards grants and awards of excellence on a yearly basis through various festivals it help put together. For more info on what we do, how to get involved and how to support, please visit:

Our Festivals

The Fabienne Colas Foundation (FCF) wants to promote culture and the arts in all their forms in Canada and elsewhere. It hopes to showcase more culturally diverse artists on the international scene.

Montreal Black Film Festival

Created in 2005 and presented by Global Montreal since 2010, the MIBFF has become the largest festival of its kind in Canada and the only officially bilingual (English/French) black film festival in North America. This is a dynamic, innovative and audacious festival whose goal is to promote the development of the independent film industry and to showcase more films on the Black experience from the four corners of the globe…

Toronto Black Film Festival

Presented by Global Toronto since its creation in 2013, the TBFF is not just a cinematic discovery! It is also an international, original, independent, politically incorrect and open-minded event. The TBFF presents the most remarkable and the most powerful black films, while a space for debating and discussing the major …

Haiti en Folie

Created in Montreal in 2007 and presented by the Centre des Viandes F. Iasenza, today the Festival Haïti en Folie in Montreal is the largest multi-disciplinary festival outside Haiti entirely dedicated to Haitian culture. It offers a diverse program combining music, film, theatre, dance, food, literature, conferences, storytelling, crafts, painting…

Fondu au noir

Presented by TD Bank since its inception in 2012, FADE TO BLACK is a multi-disciplinary program comprising film, music, literature and dance held in Montreal during Black History Month. It also offers debates and discussions on social and cultural topics that are core concerns of the black communities : “getting to know each other better leads to greater understanding.” …

Quebecois Film Festival in Haiti

The goal of the QFFH, created in 2009, is to encourage closer cultural ties between Quebec and Haiti by presenting Haitians with the richness of Quebec cinema through free film screenings open to all. It also offers conferences, workshops and other activities. QFFH has received, as a special guest, famous author and Académie française (French academy) member, Dany Laferrière.

The Fabienne Colas Foundation

Réal Barnabé, Emile Castonguay and I decided to create the Fabienne Colas Foundation, in order to give a voice and a platform to artists who otherwise, would not have been seen or heard. Since then, the FCF has showcased about 2,000 artists, and every year tens of thousands of people take part in its festivals and initiatives. With your help, the FCF wants to continue to build bridges through the arts!