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If you believe you can simply improvise your way up online, or attract massive sales with no clear online strategy, think again! The online game has changed long ago and if you don’t master the new rules right now, you don’t stand a chance to make it big – especially since all is moving at full speed out there. Having a clear and compelling online strategy is crucial for your business and to your success (trust me – so very important).

I cannot tell you what a difference it made for me and my team! This is why at Fabienne Colas Success Academy we use more than one module to cover Online Marketing, Branding, Market positioning and Social Media strategies.

Do you have a fantastic idea for a product or service? Is your current business struggling to make its revenue goals? Whether you are just starting to make plans or are wondering why what you are selling isn’t spreading like wildfire – read more to find out why it is so crucial. Here are 8 Reasons Why You Need a Compelling Online Strategy for Your Business:


1) It Makes an Easy Way to Contact You, Offer You Testimonials & Feedback

 “Just a touch or click away.”


Your customers (or potential customers) are constantly online — checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other places to see what is going on in the world and what their friends are up to. Just like friendships, businesses need to “be there” for their customers. Being responsive to their needs and communicating directly with them builds trust and loyalty. It’s all about relationships. The internet is only getting faster and more convenient. Having lots of options for your customers to reach out to you with a click or a touch on a smart phone makes it easy (for them and you). You can get instant feedback and great testimonials about your business, products, events or service! Just a touch or click away! (how cool is that).


2) It’s an Inexpensive Way to Market & Advertise

“Spend less, make more!”


Before the internet, businesses had to rely on traditional advertising on TV, in newspapers, magazines, on the radio, and on billboards. That gets really expensive (and not affordable to so many startups out there)! With a compelling online presence, new entrepreneurs and existing companies can have an extensive reach with marketing and advertising through different social media and websites — for a much cheaper price (and often free!) Spend less, make more. Trust me, our festivals would not be where they are today (attracting tens of thousands of festival-goers every year as well as international media coverage and top worldwide celebrities) if we did not have a compelling online strategy. I teach all those new strategies because it’s not just important, it’s CRUCIAL for their success. (why not take advantage of that?)


3) You Can Do Business Anytime – 24/7:

“No more ‘Hours of Operation.’”


You’ve seen those signs on restaurants, clothing stores, bars, doctor’s offices, and more. We are OPEN. (Happy Face J ) We are CLOSED. (Sad Face L ) With a compelling online strategy – Your Business NEVER closes. Whether you have an online store with a purchase button at the ready or you’re promoting an upcoming concert or festival, a great online presence is ALWAYS acting as a salesperson for you. This helps people make their decisions on how to spend their money anytime night or day all over the world. No more ‘hours of operation!’ (Isn’t that fantastic?)


4) You Can Showcase Your Expertise in Unique and Exciting Ways:

  “Be smart and you can go viral.”


Why would your customers choose you? This is such an important reason to have a strategic online presence. Unless you have invented the first time machine or made a successful potion to make people invisible — you probably have some competition out there. Get your customers to care by telling your story your way. Showcase your expertise in fun, unique and exciting ways. Be smart and you can go viral. (Running out of ideas? We would be glad to help!)


5) You Can Do Market Research:

“Information is power.”


From online polls, surveys and feedback you get from your customers—you get very valuable information. This is so important to making the best product or service you can make. People have NO PROBLEM giving their opinions these days (isn’t that right?!) and you can use this to your advantage to keep growing your business. Listen to what makes sense, but don’t let the haters bring you down. Information is power. (and can bring you more CASH!)


6) It Helps You Improve Your Branding:

“Clear, concise and compelling branding SELLS.”


A comprehensive strategy to turn a product or service into something simple and attractive takes work, but it is so important to your success! (believe me, I’ve worked really hard to refine my brand)  Branding makes people feel something. (hopefully something good!) Have you ever seen commercials or ads that just really turned you off? This is the power of branding. Showcasing your business in a positive light is crucial to connect with your customers and make them spend their hard-earned money on what you have to offer. Clear, concise, and compelling branding SELLS (with the right type of connection)


7) You Can Accelerate Your Business Quickly:

“Be prepared for explosive growth.”


Do you feel the NEED for SPEED? With an excellent combination of strategic business decisions, branding, and true connection to your customers — you can accelerate your business quickly. It takes planning, organization, and knowing what to do and when to do it.  That is what the FC Success Academy is all about. Once you have all of that vital information, you can ‘hit the ground running’ and be prepared for explosive growth. (Turn your PASSION into CASH!)


8) You Can Broaden Your Network of Business Relationships:

 “You never know who you will meet that can help you succeed.”


The internet is about connection. It’s about conversations. If you have a compelling online strategy, people will notice and may even want to work with you. You never know who may reach out to you! (I have made some WONDERFUL connections online). Strategic business relationships can make a huge difference in your success, and you want to make sure your online strategy is attractive, confident and appealing to industry leaders. You never know who you will meet that can help you succeed. (and you need to be ready!)

Are you READY to move forward to create a compelling online strategy? With a step-by-step online interactive, video-based training program, The FC Success Academy will guide you through the process of Branding, Market positioning, Social Media Marketing and modern techniques for a Website that converts and brings you Sales! Enrollment is now open. You need a plan! Get started today and fast forward your success!

Reach out and let me know if you have any questions at all. I want to help you propel your success and turn your PASSION into CASH.



Hope you found this article useful. Let me know what you’re struggling with when it comes to launching your own business, product or service and please share if you have other useful tips for new entrepreneurs.

Award-winning actress, filmmaker, speaker and business owner, Fabienne Colas is the ‘Queen of Festivals’ and founder of a successful entertainment & media empire – which includes 7 successful festivals in Canada, the USA and Haiti; a production company and several other ventures. CEO/Founder of Zaza Production, Fabienne helps people unlock their greatness, launch their products and services, reposition their brand and bring their business to the next level.